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ensemble, et al.

present point passed

Clockwork music box modalities imbue ensemble, et al.’s debut full-length album present point passed (Infinite Number of Sounds Recording Company). The percussion quartet of Ron Tucker, Charles Kessenich, J. Ross Marshall and Jeff Eng layers contrasting rhythmic sequences using the dominant tonal colors of marimba and vibraphone. The result is an ear-receptive beauty. Glockenspiel and sustained bass tones expand the sonic spectrum, and the drum set occasionally adds a full beat to the aural minimalism of this instrumental album.
The piece “Choose Your Own Adventure” will havea1821550500_10 you looking around the room when you hear rustling from the drums. It’s an indication that this percussion quartet could be more adventurous.
Nonetheless, at a total playing time of 33 minutes and 17 seconds, present point passed is an accessible album that invites active listening from its audience.


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