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Cryptonomicon Review…finally.

You can’t be lazy to get through Neal Stephenson’s latest.

One Lazy Robot

I can barely believe it’s over. Cryptonomicon consumed my reading schedule over the course of the past few weeks in a way no other book has in a long, long time. It was starting to become an albatross around my neck, but alas, it’s behind me now. Finally I can move on.

But before I do, let’s have ourselves a little review, shall we?

Cryptonomicon is like an onion, or an ogre…full of layers.

There are multiple story lines taking place over the course of two separate time periods. There are multiple characters with the same name who know the same people which makes for a generally confusing state of affairs. Consequently, at the end of this 1000 page behemoth, I’m hard pressed to recall the name of a certain main character. It’s on the tip of my tongue, I swear, but it’s lost among a sea of same-namedness.

There are…

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